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Steve And Kim met and started raising pheasants in 1980 in New Castle, Ca. Kim's interests were horses and they started raising miniature horses that same year. In 1984 they moved to their 50 ac. ranch in Grass Valley, Ca. where their interests in pheasants and horses grew. They now have over 75 head of horses and raise over 30,000 ringneck pheasants.

    Steve loves birds but his passion is Pigeons. As a little boy he would raid the neighborhood barns late at night and climb the rafters after baby pigeons which he would then take home and raise.

    One day a stray racing pigeon landed at the ranch and Steve caught it. That was the beginning of his obsession with the sport of Racing Pigeons. That was over 20 years ago and Steve's race record is a legend in the making.

     In the last few years Steve has had impressive wins or equal firsts places in the Shasta Classic, High Sierra Classic, Delta Classic, Golden State Classic, Calif. State Race, and Go For Gold.

     In 2008 at a Combine level Steve's birds won 1st Place Red Average Speed by 1hr 31 min. 1st Place Green Average Speed by 2hr 05 min. Overall Average Speed by 3hr 55 min. His birds also took home the honor of total accumulated points of 1488 with 97 clockings with next flyer having 533 points with 36 clockings. Steve's birds claimed the Final Champion Young Bird Report winning 1st, 2nd, & 3rd. Then went on to place with 15 birds out of the first 20 places.

    In 2008 in the first Go For Gold Futurity Race, Sierra Ranch took the 1st 18 places. In the 2nd Race Sierra Ranch took the first 14 places and then went on to take 16th through 25th.

    In the Calif. State Race, a Sierra Ranch bird trapped 1st on a Five Bird drop.

    Steve's dedication to the sport is recognized by his impressive race record. Now he plans to dedicate his knowledge and experience with pigeons to his Sierra Ranch One Loft Race.