Rules for Sierra Ranch Classic One Loft Race 2015

  • Perch Fee: $100.00 per bird - non refundable
  • Race Fee: $248.00 per bird due Sept. 1, 2015 refunded if bird does not go to first race.
  • Processing & Transportation Fee: $27.00 per bird due Sept. 1, 2015 refunded if bird does not go to first race.
  • To maintain eligibility all birds must be activated.
  • Ship birds from Feb. 1st to May 15th
  • Perch Fee due when birds arrive at loft
  • All 5 races included in Average Speed
  • Capitol prizes paid on the first drop and then clocking order.
  • Ties in the clock will be given the same position number and their winnings added together and divided equally.
  • Average Speed paid by the clock. Computed on Total Distance / Total Time
  • Time Out for Darkness - 30 minutes after sundown and 30 minutes before sunrise is dead time
    Birds clocked in TOD before midnight given End time of day 1, Birds clocked after midnight in TOD given start time of the next day. Flight day times will not be extended due to Clocking of bird in TOD
  • If a bird does not clock, due to piggy back or clock or chip  malfunction, and SRC  verifys the bird is in that drop, it will be placed last in that drop. 
  • All birds belong to breeders, no buy backs, no auctions
  • Financial statement for race prizes will be provided
  • Race dates are subject to weather
  • Birds must be retrieved within 14 days after final race or become property of Sierra Ranch - $60 shipping per box plus $10 per bird after 3rd bird.
  • Loft manager reserves the right to make all final decisions
  • A completed IRS W-9 form will be required if you should win $600.00 or more.
  • Average Speed Races

    1. Lovelock NV - 170 Miles - 09-08-15 - $1000 prize to first bird in the clock
    2. Imlay NV - 195 Miles - 09-13-15 - $1000 prize to first bird in the clock
    3. Winnemucca NV - 225 Miles - 09-19-15 - $1000 prize to first bird in the clock
    4. Elko NV - 300 Miles - 09-26-15 - 25% of prize fund
    5. Final Race - 375 Miles - 10-04-15 - 50% of prize fund
    6. 5 Race Average Speed - 25% of prize fund to the top 10
Loft Manager: Steve Sterchi  Hm. Ph.530-268-0568 Steve's cell ph. 530-559-0775  Fax 530-268-0839 
16242 Tierra Rd. Grass Valley Ca. 95949
web site: e-mail
Please make checks payable to Sierra Ranch.



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